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The buzzard is the most common bird of prey in the UK, with broad wings and the tail fanned in flight.

They make a distinctive mewing sound in flight and are often seen circling in the sky or perched on their favourtite telegraph pole.

They take great delight in playing on the thermal air currents, with youngsters practicing the skills they will need when they are older.

They will eat reptiles, small mammals, rodents and carrion with rabbits being a popular food, although this can put them at risk of myxomatosis. They will also search ploughed fields for worms.

They are believed to mate for life, with the males spiralling display flight being seen in the spring, even if he is paired up.

They vary in colour from pale right up to almost black. It has been suggested that the plumage is generally darker the further north they are.

They build a large, bulky nest in a tree and usually lay 2 or 3 eggs, with chicks hatching at intervals.

They are often mobbed by crows, rooks, ravens and jackdaws.

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