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The Westhay promotional video is fantastic, we're very, very pleased with what you've done.

Beth J.

Communications & PR Manager, Somerset Wildlife

we watched your DVD last night and thought it was excellent and very educational! Thumbs up all round. Keep up the good work.

Chris S.

We just love the format - relaxed and informative. A real treat to watch from beginning to end. I can't wait to share it with my mum. Thanks again, and keep on filming please!

Kerry G.

just finished watching the latest episodes with my family, really great, loads of info, loved the music and the out takes, well done!!!

Louise H.

I particularly liked your well-judged format. The birds or animals observed and filmed, then your commentary, with the interesting details, and then your (lovingly) just letting the creatures be themselves (with music) so we can appreciate and celebrate them for what they are. Terrific. More please.

David C.

...I thought I would have some" me" time and watch episodes 7,8 & 9 again. Second time around was even better. I genuinely think that you really have done so well to make such a proffessional dvd.

Tony B.