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About our Previous Series

The first series went by the name Loxley's Look at Wildlife and copies went to Australia and the USA. From Exmoor Ponies to Dragonflies, you will be surprised how much you learn without realising it and you will finish the DVD's feeling much more at ease than when you started.


Meet Britain’s largest land mammal. Discover little known facts about the delightful Exmoor Pony. Revel in the glory and beauty of the Exmoor landscape. Never mix up your garden birds again. Great close ups of 2 species of woodpecker.


Never be downhearted by the arrival of Autumn again. Spectacular lapwing display at Shapwick. Never look at Little Egrets in the same light again. Find hares and roe deer. Meet the cousins of the Red Deer in Dorset. Things you didn’t know about a wood ants nest. Visit RSPB Radipole Lake.


See the amazing aerobatics of a buzzard display team. Fantastic views of red deer in the evening sun. Watch the housemartin babies leave home. Visit the canal and unwind with moorhens and bank voles.


What you didn’t know about Great Spotted Woodpeckers. Hunting moths by day and night. Meet two well known Mendip residents. Discover the impish past of the goats at the Valley of the Rocks in North Devon. Witness the starling murmuration.


Collared doves beat the credit crunch. Meet the cutest foals on Dartmoor, but are they the real Dartmoor Pony? Discover the history behind your gardens cutest vandal. Enjoy the bunny bonanza and nesting woodpeckers.


Catch up with the last of the winter visitors and a common, but rarely seen little critter. Find the webbed intruder. Meet new forest ponies in Dorset and the rare Great Bustard in Wiltshire. Watch the kestrel take on a magpie.


Revisit Wiltshire for the ugliest water baby contest. What you never knew about the blue-tit. Hare stalking. Discover the edge of the West Country. Meet the bird that founded the RSPB. Find out who’s waiting for a bus? Meet Exmoor’s newest babies.


Take a walk up on the heath. Discover the Loxley Guide to Deer bottoms. Find out who lives at the end of the Grand Western Canal and what’s hiding in my garden. Beat the Autumn watch BadgerCam, with some of the most wonderful badger footage – and discover the badgers secret craving.

All DVD's are available to purchase in PAL or NTSC format. They have always been favourably received - why not view our Testimonials page.

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Series two continues that unique and relaxing feel under the name of Westcountry Wildlife. Incorporating little snippets of local history and more great footage, it really is a must see for all wildlife lovers.


Something’s missing at Rushey Platt. Watch a young heron learning to fish. Meet the feathered buildings inspector. Watch wading birds at Bridgwater Bay and find out why the Bay should be twinned with the Exe Estuary.


When would you need a TTT? Meet our photogenic water voles, and the shy water rail. Find out what makes Burnham on Sea special. When is a thrush not a thrush? A population irruption brings a special visitor to the West Country.


Why do the Lynton goats not feel the cold? Which wading bird has taken over this reserve on the Somerset Levels? Meet the biggest member of the thrush family and the sexist bird in the country. Find out the benefits of roosting en masse. Enjoy bath time on the canal. Stalk the roe deer.


Yes, even the presenters get it wrong...

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